Whether you're a Realtor looking to automate your lead generation or you're simply just curious about the role of artificial intelligence in the real estate industry, this webinar is for you. Don’t miss this opportunity to supercharge your real estate business with AI. Join us for this unique webinar co-hosted by The Close and Addressable.
  • Explore AI’s role in revolutionizing real estate
  • Learn how AI empowers real estate professionals
  • Find out how to nurture human connections with AI
Trevor James
Content Writer and Coach, The Close
As a staff writer at The Close, Trevor provides actionable strategy and insights for real estate professionals. Additionally, Trevor is a coach who is dedicated to helping Realtors and agents scale their businesses to unprecedented heights. Prior to The Close, Trevor worked with Zillow.
Chris Tosswill
Founder and CEO of Addressable
A former PM at Facebook and OK Cupid Labs, Chris merged his deep understanding of AI and software engineering with the real estate marketing industry to create Addressable. To date, the company has helped generate over $2.1 billion in closed sales for its clients.
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