Ready to move beyond generative chatbots and edited video demos? In this live webinar, get a first hand look at how quickly and easily you can build and monitor generative AI applications using the latest enhancements in tooling and integrations from Google Cloud Vertex AI and Datadog. Walk away with the knowledge, code samples, and prompts to create short stories from NASA images, review summaries of restaurants from Google Places, and so much more.

Join Merlin Yamssi (Google Cloud) and Jason Hand (Datadog) as they present hands-on demos, offer the latest insights and tips for utilizing Vertex AI, GCP, and Datadog, and answer your questions live in chat.
  • Gain hands-on experience and insights into practical applications of machine learning, from generating narratives based on NASA imagery to distilling complex financial market data and summarizing restaurant reviews, all through live coding demonstrations in a Colab Enterprise Notebook with python.
  • Learn how to effectively monitor and analyze your machine learning applications, model usage and more using Datadog's custom logs and metrics, ensuring you can maintain, optimize, and scale your AI solutions efficiently.
Jason Hand
Senior Developer Advocate, Datadog
Senior Developer Advocate at Datadog, focused on DevOps, SRE, and AI. Committed to empowering developers with modern engineering techniques for scalable, reliable, and explainable systems.
Merlin Yamssi
Lead Solutions Consultant, AI/ML CoE Partner Engineering, Google Cloud
Merlin Yamssi is Lead Solution Consultant in the AI/ML CoE Partner Engineering team at Google Cloud, where he currently drives key Generative AI initiatives with the Google Partner Ecosystem, developing strategic co-innovation partnerships in the fields of Generative & Predictive AI, Data/Analytics and Web3. Focusing on co-innovation with ISV and GSI partners as they run, integrate and build on GCP across the ML Lifecycle, Merlin also works closely with Product Management to shape the direction of Google's AI and analytics offerings from a Cloud, Edge and Device perspective.
Before joining Google, Merlin was Chief Innovation Architect at SAP where he led SAP Intelligent Technologies strategy, GTM and Solution Architecture.
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