ChatGPT and other AI tools based on Large Language Models (LLM) have grabbed the headlines. The intuitive interactive interface makes them easy to use and they can be a real time-saver. However, the code LLMs write is also often wrong – in ways that can be hard to spot – so they require constant human supervision.

LLMs are not the only way to do generative AI for code: fully autonomous code-writing is possible by using reinforcement learning to write code that is guaranteed to compile, run, and be correct.
  • Learn why the tech behind LLMs is good for some tasks but not others, and how reinforcement learning (RL) differs
  • See how RL can write Java code completely autonomously
  • Listen to the Q&A where we respond to attendee questions on these topics
Jason Cockerham
Moderator & Community Engagement Manager, DZone
Jason heads the DZone community, driving growth and engagement through new initiatives and building and nurturing relationships with existing members and industry subject matter experts. He also works closely with the content team to help identify new trends and hot topics in software development.
Mathew Lodge
CEO, Diffblue
Mathew has over twenty-five years of experience in the software industry in developer, product and marketing roles. Before joining Diffblue, his titles included SVP at Anaconda and Vice President of Cloud Services at VMWare. In each role, his focus has been building and marketing products that customers love.
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