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Facial Recognition with SQL

About This Webinar

Join this interactive workshop where SingleStore's senior technical experts will guide participants through the process of using SQL to drive facial recognition / image matching capabilities. We will show you how to use the dot_product function (cosine similarity) to achieve facial image matching from 16 million records in just 5 milliseconds!

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  • How to use the dot_product function (cosine similarity) to find closest matches from a large dataset in just 5 milliseconds
  • How to implement SQL to drive facial recognition capabilities
  • How to use SingleStoreDB to store and query facial recognition data
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Jason heads the DZone community, driving growth and engagement through new initiatives and building and nurturing relationships with existing members and industry subject matter experts. He also works closely with the content team to help identify new trends and hot topics in software development.
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Director of Product Management, SingleStore
Eric Hanson is the Director of Product Management at SingleStoreDB. He has extensive experience in data management, warehousing, analytics, big data, and streaming. He's an expert in in-memory columnstore and vectorized query execution technology. And he has deep knowledge of data warehousing customer use cases, scenarios, and best practices.
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Enterprise Solutions Engineer, SingleStore
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