Just as sports teams use playbooks to map out potential in-game scenarios, sales teams rely on workflows to map out their revenue-generating strategy.

They’re essential for preparing your team for every situation that may arise during a demo, sales call, or in-person event.

We call these Go-to-Market Plays!

But while many sales orgs have workflows, things like misalignment between teams, lack of focus and actionable data, can make scaling and repeating these efforts challenging.

Join us on June 4th as Go-to-Market experts, Ben Salzman (SVP of Special Projects) and Millie Beetham (Director of GTM Plays and Strategy) share how sales teams can uncover, learn, and craft winning sales workflows that boost revenue.
  • The current problems that exist with today’s workflows
  • What exactly defines a successful Go-to-Market play, its role, and the recipe you need to run one
  • How to tailor sales workflows to match your unique business use-case
  • Put to practice: How to automate these effective sales plays in ZoomInfo or with your existing tech stack.
Ben Salzman
SVP, GTM Strategy from ZoomInfo.
Ben has expertise in helping companies scale go-to-market and a passion for helping SaaS companies develop a modern GTM playbook. He has spent over two decades pushing Silicon Valley’s sales industry forward. He started his career at Siebel, and later drove enterprise sales at Oracle and Google, in San Francisco and Singapore. He spent the previous six years at Dogpatch advising the world’s leading SaaS companies.
Millie Beetham
Director of GTM Plays and Strategy, ZoomInfo
Millie Beetham is an accomplished marketing strategist and go-to-market expert known for her ability to drive substantial growth and revenue across a variety of industries. Currently, she holds the position of Senior Director of GTM Strategy & ZoomInfo Labs at ZoomInfo, where she leverages over a decade of experience to develop and implement comprehensive go-to-market strategies. Through her leadership roles at esteemed companies like Adpearance, Foureyes, and FullFunnel, Millie has refined her skills in building and expanding marketing departments, orchestrating successful outbound sales campaigns, and enhancing customer engagement across diverse channels.

With a solid foundation in both marketing and sales, Millie is deeply committed to propelling growth, fostering innovation, and empowering teams to achieve their objectives in today's dynamic business landscape. Beyond her professional endeavors, she is passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion within the tech industry. In her leisure time, Millie enjoys immersing herself in music, practicing yoga, and advocating for diversity and inclusion initiatives.
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