Building AI-powered applications with Large Language Models (LLMs) unlocks potential, but navigating this new space can feel like the "wild west" as security, legal, and compliance challenges loom large.

Fear no more - this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to confidently leverage LLMs in your applications.
  • Understanding and Mitigating Risks: Equip yourself with insights into potential pitfalls and strategies for securing your applications.
  • LLM Selection and Integration: Learn best practices for choosing and integrating open-source models responsibly.
  • LLM Licensing and Compliance: Gain clarity on licensing requirements and ensure your projects adhere to best practices.
  • Security Strategies for AI-Powered Applications: Discover practical approaches to safeguard your software against vulnerabilities.
Chris Lindsey
Application Security Evangelist at Mend.io
Chris Lindsey is a seasoned speaker who has appeared at conferences, webinars, and private events. Currently building an online community and creating a podcast series, Chris draws on expertise from more than 15 years of direct security experience and over 35 years of experience leading teams in programming and software, solutions, and security architecture.For three years, Chris built and led an entire application security program that includes the implementation of mature AppSec programs, including oversight of security processes and procedures, SAST, DAST, CSA/OSA, compliance, training, developer communication, code reviews, application inventory gathering, and risk analysis.
Maciej Mensfeld
Principal Product Architect at Mend.io
Maciej is the creator of Mend Supply Chain Defender capabilities and a software architect. Maciej has over 16 years of experience in designing and building systems with performance, scaling, and quality in mind. He's particularly interested in code quality assurance and OSS supply chain security and he is an active OSS contributor and maintainer of various projects.
Ron Shemer
Senior Software Developer at Mend.io
Ron Shemer, a Senior Software Developer at Mend.io, brings a decade of experience in software engineering, specializing in static program analysis and reachability algorithms. His career is marked by a dedication to enhancing software reliability and efficiency through innovative code analysis and optimization techniques.
James Maguire
Editor-in-Chief, eWeek
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