With the impending EOS of Windows 10, PC fleet refresh will be high on the agenda for many organisations. But how can IT managers best prepare? Join our Intel experts in discussion with TechRepublic as they cover the current state of the IT landscape, explore its future, discuss how optimal software and hardware choices can empower your workforce, and analyze the practical implications of the 'AI PC' for both enterprise and SMB markets
  • What does today’s IT landscape look like, and what does the future hold?
  • How the right software and hardware can unleash your workforce
  • What are the practical implications of what the ‘AI PC’ means for the enterprise & SMB market?
James Maguire
Editor-in-Chief, eWeek
Bradley Jenkins
Client Category Director for EMEA Commercial Partners, Intel
Bradley Jenkins holds the position of Client Category Director for EMEA Commercial Partners at Intel. In this role, Bradley is entrusted with overseeing the strategy and sales of Intel-based client devices through EMEA partners. Having initially joined Intel South Africa in 1998 with a background in FMCG, Bradley has accumulated a wealth of experience in various sales and marketing roles within the company
Jeff Kilford
EMEA Client Category Manager, Large Enterprise and Government, Intel
Jeff Kilford worked in Intel IT for 25 years in a variety of leadership roles spanning client, server and applications development. In 2018 he moved from Director of EMEA IT to lead Client Compute Group sales in the UK. He now leads the global Large Enterprise and Government section of the Client Compute Group Category.
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