In today's fast-paced tech landscape, development teams face numerous challenges— from dealing with individual productivity bottlenecks that can compromise team efficiency, to implementing suitable KPIs, and adapting to the rapidly evolving role of AI in development workflows. These issues not only impact project timelines and quality but also contribute to workplace stress and hinder innovation.

In this session, we'll provide targeted solutions to these problems. Learn how to identify and address the “weakest link” effect, establish meaningful KPIs for accurate performance tracking, and integrate AI tools without sacrificing human creativity and natural flow. Walk away with actionable strategies designed to elevate both your team's and your own individual performance.
  • Build High-Performance Teams and Empower Individual Developers
  • Measure and Improve Team Output
  • Navigate Developer Productivity in the AI Era
  • Understand the Changing Developer Workflow
  • Equip your Team with Actionable Strategies and Tools
Jesse Davis
Moderator, Chief Technologist. - DZone
As the Chief Technologist @ DZone, Jesse is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of products and helping customers build the world’s largest, most engaging developer communities for companies like Disney, Amazon, SAP, Pixar, and Unity. Jesse has been building enterprise software and engineering teams for 25 years and is a respected executive, author, speaker, and coach. Jesse serves as a software industry advisor and, prior to Devada, Jesse developed the first data access for Java and served as an expert an innovator on industry data standards including JDBC, ODBC, and ANSI SQL.
Tsavo Knott
CEO & Technical Co-Founder @ pieces.app
Tsavo Knott is a visionary tech entrepreneur renowned for pushing boundaries and forging innovative pathways. As the driving force behind pieces.app, his third entrepreneurial endeavor among a portfolio of ambitious projects, Tsavo has consistently demonstrated his commitment to innovation.
Brian Powell
Portfolio CTO | Serial Entrepreneur | Technology Leader | Startup Advisor/Mentor
Brian Powell is a seasoned technology leader and Portfolio CTO with a strong track record of driving innovation and growth. Currently serving as the Chief Technology Officer at CenterGrid, Brian specializes in DevOps, Global Delivery, Kubernetes, and SaaS solutions. His expertise has propelled organizations to excel in a rapidly changing tech landscape.
Samuel Jones
Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer @ pieces.app
Samuel Jones leads a high-performance ML team that tackles complex problems in natural language processing, knowledge graphs, and retrieval augmented generation to propel workflow evolution through generative AI.
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