In recent years, artificial intelligence has become less of a buzzword and more of an adopted process across the enterprise. With that, there is a growing need to increase operational efficiency as customer demands arise.  AI platforms have become increasingly more sophisticated, and there has become the need to establish guidelines and ownership.

Join DZone as we chat about all things AI, data science, ChatGPT, and where to draw the line. Moderated by Jesse Davis, DZone Chief Technologist.
  • Get informed on practical tools and design paradigms
  • Learn about new technologies, and the overall operational impact of AI within your business
  • How big a deal is ChatGPT?
Jesse Davis, Moderator
Chief Technologist, DZone
As the Chief Technologist @ DZone, Jesse is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of products and helping customers build the world’s largest, most engaging developer communities for companies like Disney, Amazon, SAP, Pixar, and Unity. Jesse has been building enterprise software and engineering teams for 25 years and is a respected executive, author, speaker, and coach. Jesse serves as a software industry advisor and, prior to Devada, Jesse developed the first data access for Java and served as an expert an innovator on industry data standards including JDBC, ODBC, and ANSI SQL.
Kellyn Gorman
Principal CSA & SME for Oracle on Azure, Microsoft
Kellyn Gorman is a talented and accomplished Principal Cloud Solution Architect and Oracle SME on Azure at Microsoft, specializing in multi platform databases, Azure Infrastructure, and DevOps automation. A proud member of the Oak Table Network, an Oracle ACE Director Alumnus, and former Idera ACE with over 20 years' experience in database administration, plus extensive experience in optimization, migrations, automation, and cloud architecture.
Dr. Tuhin Chattopadhyay
Professor- AI & Analytics, Jagdish Sheth School of Management Bengaluru, India
Dr. Tuhin Chattopadhyay, Founder of Tuhin AI Advisory, is a celebrated Industry 4.0 thought leader among both the academic and corporate fraternity. Recipient of numerous prestigious awards, Tuhin is hailed as India's Top 10 Data Scientists by Analytics India Magazine. Besides driving his consultancy organization, Dr. Tuhin also serves as Professor of Practice at JAGSoM, Bengaluru. His thoughts and perspectives on AI can be further explored from https://www.tuhin.ai/ , art portfolio from https://tuhin.art/ and the celebrations and adventures of life from https://tuhinism.com/ and https://dogfather.rocks/.
Sibanjan Das
Data Science Manager, ServiceNow
Sibanjan Das is the team manager for Enterprise AI/ML initiatives at ServiceNow. In his current role, he works with a team of highly skilled data scientists, ML data engineers and MLOps engineers working together to make ServiceNow a data-driven and AI-driven organization. He believes in sharing knowledge with the community and has been actively writing books and articles, mentoring professionals and students interested in transitioning to AI/ML and IT.
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