Unlock your AP-Why. When assessing prominent topics across DZone, and the software engineering space more broadly, it simply felt incomplete to conduct research on the larger impacts of data and the cloud without talking about such a crucial component of modern software architectures: APIs.

Modern API management is where the theoretical becomes actionable. No longer are high-level architectures and design enough; we explore the emerging ways in which our isolated data — located on-prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment — can better integrate with and work alongside other application components via approaches like API generation, gateways, and more.

In this year’s “Modern API Management” Trend Report, we plan to further assess emerging API influence and implementation techniques, including GraphQL, API security, automation, and AI. In a world where applications and data capabilities grow increasingly complex, communication is key.
Wednesday, May 8, 2024 · 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time (US & Canada) (GMT -4:00)
  • The summary emphasizes the critical role of APIs in integrating diverse data sources and application components.
  • It highlights the shift from theoretical concepts to practical implementation in API management, focusing on strategies like API generation and gateways.
  • The summary promises insights into emerging trends such as GraphQL, API security, automation, and AI, reflecting the dynamic nature of modern software architectures.
Jesse Davis
Moderator, CTO, DZone
As the Chief Technologist @ DZone, Jesse is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of products and helping customers build the world’s largest, most engaging developer communities for companies like Disney, Amazon, SAP, Pixar, and Unity. Jesse has been building enterprise software and engineering teams for 25 years and is a respected executive, author, speaker, and coach.
Linus Hakansson
Field CTO, Gravitee
Linus is the Field CTO for the Gravitee API platform and has held prior architect roles across various cloud and integration technology companies. Linus loves to discuss the full API lifecycle, ranging from initial API design to managing and securing API products and services.
Saurabh Dashora
Architect, Progressive Coder
Full stack architect, a tech writer, and guest author in various publications. Saurabh has expertise building distributed systems across multiple business domains such as banking, autonomous driving, and retail. Throughout his career, he has worked at several large organizations. Saurabh also runs a tech blog on cloud, microservices, and web development where he has written hundreds of articles. Apart from work, he enjoys reading books and playing video games.
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