A modern go-to-market strategy runs best with high quality data, generative AI, and automated workflows. These three elements improve your GTM action and efficiency to drive real revenue growth.

But knowing how to assemble and deploy them can be challenging.

Join this Idea Exchange conversation with Alex Lazerowich, AVP, Enterprise Sales and Account Management, and Ben Salzman, SVP, GTM Strategy from ZoomInfo. The conversation is hosted by Scott Weinhold, Facilitating Consultant at Corporate Visions.

You'll get tips on how to use high quality data and generative AI to target customers at scale with aligned and automated outreach.
Alex Lazerowich
AVP, Enterprise Sales and Account Management
As an accomplished Enterprise Sales Leader, Alex Lazerowich is dedicated to driving the growth and retention of ZoomInfo's most significant clients. With a proven track record of success, Alex expertly manages all aspects of key client relationships for a select group of ZoomInfo's largest customers.
Ben Salzman
SVP, GTM Strategy from ZoomInfo.
Ben has expertise in helping companies scale go-to-market and a passion for helping SaaS companies develop a modern GTM playbook. He has spent over two decades pushing Silicon Valley’s sales industry forward. He started his career at Siebel, and later drove enterprise sales at Oracle and Google, in San Francisco and Singapore. He spent the previous six years at Dogpatch advising the world’s leading SaaS companies.
Scott Weinhold
Facilitating Consultant at Corporate Vision
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