In an era where AI technologies are revolutionizing digital experiences, organizations are increasingly vulnerable to sophisticated cyber threats. The challenge of maintaining security and compliance amid these evolving threats is daunting but critical.

Join us for a deep dive into "Navigating AI Security Trends: Strategies for Risk Mitigation and Compliance" on June 27, 2024, at 1:00 PM ET. This webinar brings together top industry leaders from Acquia, Material+, Bounteous, and Tactis to share their latest insights and practical strategies.
  • Emerging AI Security Threats: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest threats and their specific impacts on your digital platforms.
  • Practical Compliance Strategies: Discover effective approaches to meet and exceed evolving industry regulations.
  • Seamless Security Integration: Learn best practices for incorporating robust security measures into your development lifecycle, ensuring protection without hindering innovation.
Dan Knauf
CTO, Material+
Daniel Knauf is a seasoned technology leader with extensive experience in software development and related technologies. He champions strategic outcomes over outputs, emphasizing the importance of aligning teams to clear outcomes for passionate and impactful work. Daniel believes in the power of collaboration, creativity, and focusing on people to drive quality execution and foster better relationships and products.

His career has spanned various roles, culminating as the Chief Technology Officer at Material+, where he has made significant contributions to integrating technology and data capabilities and driving global efficiency. His work reflects a deep commitment to leveraging technology for strategic business growth, building high-performing teams, and enhancing customer experiences.
Valmiki Mukherjee
Global CISO at Bounteous x Accolite
Valmiki is a renowned global CISO, entrepreneur, and philanthropist CEO. His remarkable journey has left an indelible mark on the global landscape of cybersecurity and beyond, with a career spanning over two decades.

Valmiki’s leadership extends far beyond the boundaries of any single organization or industry. He is a visionary leader with a rarer gift for orchestrating long-term global transformation programs across diverse sectors. His ability to unite stakeholders from the public sector, academia, and industry is a testament to his exceptional leadership skills. Valmiki’s holistic approach to cybersecurity has brought societies, nations, and organizations together, fostering a culture of security and resilience.

Under his visionary leadership, the Cyber Future Foundation (CFF) was founded in 2015, blossoming into a global platform connecting business and national leaders with cybersecurity experts. Valmiki’s philanthropic endeavors reflect his commitment to making the world a safer place. His support has enabled initiatives like the Global Commission on Cybersecurity Education, Cyber Workforce Development Program, Davos Cyber Future Dialogue, Cyber Apprenticeship Program (US Department of Labor), CFF Project Gateway (Afghan Refugee Resettlement, US Department of Homeland Security OAW), and CFF Project Indigo (supporting Ukrainian humanitarian efforts). He currently leads the CFF Cyber Board Book Project and CFF Responsible and Secure AI for Future Project (RSAIF).

Valmiki has held executive roles progressively through his career. Most recently, he was the Americas Cybersecurity Leader for the Critical Infrastructure & Energy sector and currently serves as the New Mountain Capital Board Appointed Global CISO of Bounteous x Accolite.

Valmiki has a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of North Texas. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) by ISC2.
Anthony Mangini
Director, Development Operations, Tactis
For the last eight years, Anthony has been responsible for overseeing the Acquia Drupal development and IT teams at Tactis. Anthony has been working specifically in the field of Internet programming and web strategy consulting for over 25 years and finds that helping companies understand the Internet and how it can work for them has been very rewarding and educational. He is motivated, organized, and detail-oriented. As a problem solver, he enjoys challenges and possesses the ability to be open-minded to explore alternative solutions to problems.
Robert Former
Chief Information Security Officer, Acquia
As chief information security officer and vice president of security, Robert Former leads the governance, risk, compliance and security practices at Acquia. Robert has most recently held roles at Pegasystems as senior director of compliance and at HP/HPE/Micro Focus as senior manager of compliance. Previous experience includes network engineering and architecture, security operations center management, network penetration testing, IoT security testing, and PCI QSA auditor.

Robert brings 20+ years of network infrastructure, information security, compliance and audit leadership to Acquia. He holds CISA and CISSP certifications and is experienced in the application of FedRAMP, ITAR, HiTrust, HIPAA, GDPR, CSA, SOC-2, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS in both data center and cloud environments.
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