Modern businesses are drowning in software options.

Digital experiences haven’t been limited to a handful of websites and apps for a while now. We're in the game of delivering connected experiences across a growing sea of different channels and technologies. That’s cool for business, but managing a bouquet of technologies can get costly and complicated fast.

As we dive into the world of numerous applications and channels, scaling up becomes a bit of a puzzle. Balancing the need for speed to market with a predictable, affordable platform cost? That's a challenge worth tackling!

Join our experts as they discuss the art of strategic optimization and unlocking hidden synergies for operational efficiency, cost control, and accelerated growth.
  • Best practices for identifying technical redundancies and integration opportunities
  • Building a future-proof architecture for streamlined workflows
  • Quantifying the ROI of enhanced operational efficiency
Garrett Moedl
Director Product Marketing, Acquia
Garrett Moedl is a seasoned professional in the world of product marketing. Garrett's expertise extends beyond strategy. He has an innate talent for translating intricate technical concepts into compelling messaging that resonates with target audiences. Furthermore, his knack for identifying and documenting customer stories amplifies the value proposition of the products he champions.
Jon Bauer
Partner Manager, Technology & Platforms, FFW
As FFW's Partner Manager, Jon manages mission-critical relationships with the organization's Strategic Technology Partners and oversees FFW’s spectrum of collaboration with leading digital experience technology companies. A former Toastmaster director, he has spoken at many tech, marketing, and business development events across the United States.
Ray Saltini
Director of Solutions & Consulting, FFW
Ray joined FFW in 2011 and has consulted on projects for NBC, Pfizer, J&J, GE, Panasonic, Princeton, Columbia University, and NYS where he has helped enable their teams to leverage the power of digital and achieve transformative goals. He has spoken extensively at events in the US and Europe on open source, digital transformation, and project management.
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