Generative AI for software development is transforming the software development lifecycle.
More and more software development teams are evaluating generative AI coding assistants, but there are valid concerns around privacy, legal liability, and personalization.
  • The ways generative AI can make it easier for your teams to manage increasingly complex apps and meet customer demand by delivering on time and on budget
  • How to evaluate, deploy, and mature in your use of generative AI for software development
  • Key use cases for AI coding assistants through a live demo
Eran Yahav
CTO, Tabnine
Eran Yahav is the CTO of Tabnine and a professor of Computer Science at the Technion in Israel. Eran is one of the originators of the AI coding assistant category, having released his first product in 2018 and now supporting over 1,000,000 users and thousands of companies.. Eran loves long-distance running, and while he hasn’t yet won any medals, he has suffered at least one instance of heat stroke while trying.
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