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In the fast-evolving real estate market, lead nurturing is becoming an ever more-important strategy for agents and brokers aiming to secure consistent sales. Agents need to know that the window of 4-6 months before most people decide to move is key in making regular contact to stay top-of-mind.
This webinar emphasizes early and proactive nurturing in the real estate sales process. The rule of 7-10 touches in sales is not just a guideline but a proven approach to maintaining a robust pipeline.
  • Define & Outline. Best practices & understanding the importance of making contact well before the decision-making phase of potential clients.
  • Neighborhood Selection and Farming: Tips and techniques for selecting the right neighborhood to focus on, and effectively farming it to build a strong local presence.
  • Leveraging Technology for Consistency: Demonstrating the use of predictive analytics from Offrs and cutting-edge tools like Homebot & Boomerang DM to engage with leads.
  • Practical Lead Nurturing: From capturing leads to nurturing them into flourishing sales, the webinar will offer actionable strategies backed by success stories and industry best practices.
Rich Swier
Creator of RAIA
Rich is a serial entrepreneur based in Sarasota, Florida. For the past 30 years, Rich has launched numerous successful tech businesses and continues to launch and incubate new ventures. Rich's passion includes mathematics, artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship. Current Ventures include: Founder of - a platform for launching A.I. assistants at for businesses. Founder of (recently acquired by Constellation Software), investor in Postgame ( - largest network of college athlete influencers. Founder of Sarasota Online (acquired by Comcast).
Jodie Cordell
Real Estate Content Writer
Jodie is a real estate professional and copywriter with more than 10 years of experience in the advertising and marketing space. Jodie built a successful real estate business with Spence Properties in Florida using her copywriting skills and modern marketing strategies, including video. She worked with the military community as a Military Relocation Professional, helping military members handle permanent changes of station from bases all over the world to the Florida Panhandle. Today Jodie focuses on teaching other agents how to create their personal brands and grow their businesses using powerful, well-constructed content, cutting-edge digital strategies, and the latest technology. She is a Florida Realtors faculty member specializing in virtual and augmented reality for real estate. She also created a course, “How to Use Content + Canva to Drive Your Real Estate Sales,” which she teaches throughout Florida. When Jodie isn’t writing show-stopping real estate copy, she loves spending time with her family and her dogs, tasting interesting new foods, traveling, and shooting her wine show with her husband, Denny. Contact Jodie at
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