Building AI features for cybersecurity teams is no small feat. In this session, Tenable’s Director of Engineering and Technical Director will walk through how they plan to use Snowflake’s new AI/ML features to build new features in their product.

Luc Delsalle and Russell Kendall will share how they train, test, and deploy one of Tenable's Exposure AI interfaces to Snowpark Container Services (SPCS). This interface interprets customer natural-language cybersecurity queries and performs corresponding actions with the help of Tenable's large-language models.

Join us to learn:
  • How Snowflake’s SPCS LLM service seamlessly integrates with existing Tenable interfaces
  • How the SPCS integration within Tenable's CI/CD pipeline allows data engineers to upgrade NLP capabilities without touching code
  • How Tenable can build AI features without moving customer information outside the Snowflake data boundary to ensure governance and security
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