As companies and their development teams grow, the number of places software is generated and consumed naturally increases. The rise of microservice architectures has increased speed of delivering new capabilities, but also complexity in ensuring all services work together. Because of these trends, organizations need to ensure reliable access to required software packages and artifacts for teams collaborating across time zones and services.
  • Strategies to keep distributed teams synchronized
  • How to ensure releases are optimally located for consumption (both internal and external)
  • Pitfalls to avoid while keeping everything secure
Jason Cockerham
Moderator & Community Engagement Manager, DZone
Jason heads the DZone community, driving growth and engagement through new initiatives and building and nurturing relationships with existing members and industry subject matter experts. He also works closely with the content team to help identify new trends and hot topics in software development.
Richard Clark
Solutions Engineering Manager, DevOps Acceleration - JFrog
Richard is also an entrepreneur/inventor, ran his own startup in the Internet of Things space, holds multiple technology patents and has been a key member of several M&A startups. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and traveling with his wife and two girls, working on projects with them in his garage-turned makerspace, and is also an experienced winemaker.
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