Since its inception, DevOps has served as a beacon for the tech community — a foundation on which we can guide and base our entire application infrastructure and team culture around. It's the goal and the shining example of what we hope to be — because DevOps is not only a process or methodology, but also a state of being. Thus, as business needs and customer demands shift, so must our technology, our mindsets, and our architecture. Now is the time for this movement that's all about "shifting left" to essentially shift.

Join DZone for our DevOps Virtual Roundtable as our panel of contributors and community members dive deeper into the fundamental principles of DevOps as well as the emerging topics, methodologies and challenges surrounding the engineering ecosystem.
  • Evaluate the current state of CI/CD pipelines: Assessing their efficiency, and exploring potential improvements.
  • Addressing technical debt: Strategies for reducing technical debt and enhancing system reliability to ensure sustainable development practices.
  • Exploring future trends in DevOps: Discussion on cost optimization, supply chain security, and evolving application infrastructure to anticipate the trajectory of DevOps in 2024 and beyond.
Jesse Davis
Moderator, CTO, DZone
As the Chief Technologist @ DZone, Jesse is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of products and helping customers build the world’s largest, most engaging developer communities for companies like Disney, Amazon, SAP, Pixar, and Unity. Jesse has been building enterprise software and engineering teams for 25 years and is a respected executive, author, speaker, and coach.
Justin Albano
Software Engineer at IBM
Justin Albano is a Software Engineer at IBM responsible for building software-storage and backup/recovery solutions for some of the largest worldwide companies, focusing on Spring-based REST API and MongoDB development. When not working or writing, he can be found practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, playing or watching hockey, drawing, or reading.
Boris Zaikin
Lead Solution Architect at CloudAstro GmbH
Boris Zaikin is a certified senior software and cloud architect with solid experience designing and developing complex solutions based on the Azure, Google, and AWS clouds. He has expertise in building distributed systems and frameworks based on Kubernetes and Azure Service Fabric. His areas of interest include enterprise cloud solutions, edge computing, high-load applications, multitenant distributed systems, and IoT solutions.
Ray Elenteny
Solution Architect at SOLTECH, Inc.
With over 35 years of experience in the IT industry, Ray thoroughly enjoys sharing his experience by helping organizations deliver high-quality applications that drive business value. Ray has a passion for software engineering. Over the past 10 years or so, Ray has taken a keen interest in the cultural and technical dynamics of efficiently delivering applications.
Brian Vallelunga
Founder and CEO, Doppler
Brian Vallelunga is the Founder and CEO of Doppler, the first secrets management platform for developers. Doppler empowers tens of thousands of engineering and devops teams to seamlessly orchestrate, govern, and manage their secrets across environments at scale. Brian has been featured in Forbes 30 Under 30, worked at improving overall Safety at Uber, and has won multiple state level science fair
Christophe Fargette
Principal Product Manager, Developer Tools. at Red Hat
Christophe is a Product Manager at Red Hat, specializing in the development and enhancement of the Red Hat Developer Hub. With a passion for empowering developers and optimizing workflows, Christophe leads initiatives to create user-centric solutions that streamline internal development processes that enhance productivity and collaboration
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