Since its inception, DevOps has served as a beacon for the tech community — a foundation on which we can guide and base our entire application infrastructure and team culture around. It's the goal and the shining example of what we hope to be — because DevOps is not only a process or methodology, but also a state of being. Thus, as business needs and customer demands shift, so must our technology, our mindsets, and our architecture. Now is the time for this movement that's all about "shifting left" to essentially shift.

Join DZone, RedHat, and Doppler for the DevOps Virtual Roundtable as our panel of contributors and community members dive deeper into the fundamental principles of DevOps as well as the emerging topics, methodologies and challenges surrounding the engineering ecosystem.
  • Evaluate the current state of CI/CD pipelines: Assessing their efficiency, and exploring potential improvements.
  • Addressing technical debt: Strategies for reducing technical debt and enhancing system reliability to ensure sustainable development practices.
  • Exploring future trends in DevOps: Discussion on cost optimization, supply chain security, and evolving application infrastructure to anticipate the trajectory of DevOps in 2024 and beyond.
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