TypeDB is designed to address challenges faced by applications requiring greater intelligence from cybersecurity and platform engineering to AR/VR and robotics. Unlike any other database which has come before it, whether relational or NoSQL, TypeDB solves the most common problems developers encounter when building data driven applications.

In this webinar, we’ll explain how TypeDB uses strong typing, pattern matching and a powerful inference engine to simplify the way we model and query complex environments and processes such as virtual worlds, deployed infrastructure and human biology.
  • Model data the way we think about the real world
  • Query highly interconnected data with ease
  • Use inference to surface valuable information
Jason Cockerham
Moderator & Community Engagement Manager, DZone
Jason heads the DZone community, driving growth and engagement through new initiatives and building and nurturing relationships with existing members and industry subject matter experts. He also works closely with the content team to help identify new trends and hot topics in software development.
Dr. Christoph Dorn
Head of Research, Vaticle
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