Winning Over Cash Offer Leads: Effective Communication Strategies

How do you talk to these types of leads? If you go into the call talking all about listing and what the home can list for, you are going to fail at getting their attention. Even if these leads will never take a cash offer, they want to know about it.

What kind of people are interested in cash offers? Sometimes it is someone who is in a desperate situation and needs to get out from under the property, sometimes it is someone who inherited a home and does not want to deal with the headache of listing it. Most often, it is someone who thinks that it is an easier way to sell their home. More often than all of that, the homeowner does not understand the equity loss that comes with a cash offer.

This is your chance as the agent to shine, to show the homeowner that they do have options, and then guide them through the process of finding the option that is the right fit for them.

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  • Strategies around how to start working with cash offer leads
  • Diversify your industry knowledge
  • Learn effective communication when engaging with this niche lead
Trevor James
Content Writer and Coach, The Close
As a staff writer at The Close, Trevor provides actionable strategy and insights for real estate professionals. Additionally, Trevor is a coach who is dedicated to helping Realtors and agents scale their businesses to unprecedented heights. Prior to The Close, Trevor worked with Zillow.
Barry Jenkins
Real Estate Team Leader and Head Realtor in Residence at Ylopo
Barry began his career at the age of 18, and has spanned almost two decades. He currently runs a team in Virginia Beach, VA & he’s also the CMO of Better Homes and Gardens NAGR. His real estate team at this firm sold just under 900 units last year.
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