How to convert cash offer leads. Leverage investors in your market/office. You can use tools like Zoodealio to generate and present cash offers to homeowners.

Your listing presentation needs to cover all of the options for the homeowner, and what the pros and cons are of each.
  • How to convert cash offers
  • How to make this a scalable conversion source
  • How to utilize cash offers in a CMA: Pros and cons
Trevor James
Content Writer and Coach, The Close
As a staff writer at The Close, Trevor provides actionable strategy and insights for real estate professionals. Additionally, Trevor is a coach who is dedicated to helping Realtors and agents scale their businesses to unprecedented heights. Prior to The Close, Trevor worked with Zillow.
Sascha Chatman
Owner of Chatman Realty Group
Sascha Chatman, has designed hundreds of proven processes to grow and scale real estate businesses. His coaching business is designed for agents to grow their business and achieve their goals.
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