We have partnered with Zbuyer to create a three 30 minute education sessions on the hidden listing opportunity: cash offers.

The first of this series - The Cash Offer Homeowner Lead - will focus on defining and how to source cash leads and will be an open forum facilitated by The Close’s Trevor James and Gabe Cordova.
Trevor James
Content Writer and Coach, The Close
As a staff writer at The Close, Trevor provides actionable strategy and insights for real estate professionals. Additionally, Trevor is a coach who is dedicated to helping Realtors and agents scale their businesses to unprecedented heights. Prior to The Close, Trevor worked with Zillow.
Gabe Cordova
CEO at Core Group Powered By Robert Slack Real Estate & Senior Realtor in Residence @ Ylopo
Gabe brings over 20 years of real estate sales experience, having led multiple national teams and selling an impressive 800+ homes in his last year as an agent before shifting gears in 2015 to an entrepreneurial career as the Co-Founder and President of Firepoint.
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